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February 22
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Down below, there is going to be uhhh.... a little action if you know what I mean. It's not a lemon though but I added the mature content warning thingy just to be safe. XD Enjoy! (my crappy fanfic)

Reader Pov

"E-Edward...." I turned red as a tomato. I looked into his eyes as they turned into eyes filled with lust. We were in a very awkward position. He was on top of me....on the couch.

"_________...." Edward murmured as he kissed me on the lips passionately again. I was even more redder than ever. I kissed back as I tug off his red jacket and shirt under it. Damn that shorty sure has abs. "I.. have... some..thing.. to... tell... you..."  He said between kisses. "I'm... In.... love.. with... you.."  I played around with his tongue.
It turned from one small kiss to a one hot messy make out session. We kept kissing and kissing as he his hands got lost in my hair. it sounds so wrong but it felt so right. I moaned as he started a trail of kisses down my neck and then he bit my soft spot and left a hickey. I moaned softly. I then felt a pair of hands under my shirt crawling up to my bra. He gave my breast a tight squeeze. I moaned but I blushed as I pushed his hands away from me.

"Ed-Edward. not today." I said as my arms crossed. "I'm not ready for it yet. Let's wait."

"Okay," He said as we just went back to the make out session. To be honest, I enjoyed it.

~~~~~ time skip brought to you by: Vic mignogna! ((God I sucked writing that part XD))

After the hot make out session, He put his black shirt and red jacket on.  We just ended sitting on the couch as the silence rolls into the atmosphere.

"Well..... that was good." Edward said as he slowly turned red. "I'm sorry about the coffee incident."

"No, I'm sorry I made you drink milk. Why do you hate milk?" I asked.

"I hate it because, Well....because I think it's gross that it came from the cow.." He said as he looked away, blushin' like hell. I smiled. "Do you want to become my girlfriend...?"

The room went silent again.

" are we supposed to be together? I don't wanna be seen by Colonel or Alphonse."

"Well, we can go out secretly. Do you wanna go out with me tonight?" He asked blushing so red, the color on his cheeks matches his red jacket.

"Yes," I whispered as he came closer for a kiss on the lips. "When?"


"O-o-kay.." I stuttered as I got up. "We cannot tell anyone about this."

meanwhile On the other side of the door, there was hawkeye and alphonse, there looking through the keyhole, speechless and both blushing in a deep red shade.

While everyone went home to sleep, the only people that were up, was only Edward and I. We finally got out of the eastern headquarters, I looked at my pocket watch and it was 10:55 pm. As we walked into the town square, there was still people around, but for some odd reason, it was mostly couples. We walked around and decided to go to the fair. There was the smell of hot popcorn, hot dogs, children running around having fun, bright lights and games. it was the perfect setting of a fair.

"Why is there a fair going on at 11:00 at night?" I said as I looked around. "anyways it feels really good to be at fair like this once in awhile.." I smiled sweetly up at Edward. I was the same height as him but a little taller, sadly. As we walked through the fair, and after we played some games, I saw a  (f/c) medium sized panda plushie. Edward smiled at me as I kept my eyes on that cute panda.

"3 balls please" Edward said as he puts down a dollar on the counter. The owner gives him 3 baseballs. I bit my lip as I watch, hoping I could get my hands on that panda.

"All you have to do is to aim at the three bottles. Knock all three down 3 times in a row, You can win a prize!" The Owner chimed as he steps aside to let Edward aim. After his first throw, He knocked down the three bottles. The owner smirked as he adds three more to the pyramid of glass bottles.

"Come on you can do it!" I praised Edward as He threw the second baseball at the pyramid. All of the glass bottles fell. The owner smirks as he added more to the pyramid.
Edward sighs as he grabbed the last baseball. He turned to me with a  smirk.

"Blow this for me." Edward said. "for good luck." I blew on the baseball and he turned his attention back to the huge pyramid of glass bottles. I watched as he threw the last ball. It knocked down all of the bottles for the third time. "We have a winner!" The owner hands the panda plushie to Edward.  I smiled as Edward grabs the panda plushie from the owner and handed it to me.  

"Thank you." I said. "You sure have good aim there." Edward smirked. "Let's grab some popcorn." He exclaimed as He holds my hand as we walked to the popcorn stand. We then decide to watch the fireworks. As we sat down on the grass, I noticed Edward sat closed to me. Damn that boy is hot. I smiled as I looked up and waited for the fireworks. I shivered. I should've never worn a dress.  I then felt a jacket placed on my shoulders. I smiled softly at Edward.

"Thank you.." I smiled as I scooted closer.

"You're welcome." Ed said softly as he came closer to my lips. We kissed as the fireworks appeared in the sky. We kept kissing while the people around us were cheering. This was the best night I had in years.

TO BE CONTINUED!! sorry for the long wait! I will focus on this story more! :D
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Plz update soon
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I understand about the lemon thing and I'm fine with it, it's your story, and please update soon, it's a good story
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Firstly, I am getting sick and tired of people asking for lemon. The answer will always be no. Secondly, if you get caught for reading lemons, There is a low chance that you will get caught for reading them by deviantart, unless your parents find out.  I will get caught because A. Deviants report lemons and B. I have friends on this account that probably will get mad at me for doing this genre. And lastly, Don't swear on here and Don't reveal your Age on here. I'm not trying to be mean but It's true. I hate it when people demand for lemon. Just because I am older than you doesn't mean I am comfy with writing lemons. Everyone is different. Not everyone is comfy just like you when reading lemons. Heck, I know people that are older than me that are not comfy with sexual situations. Don't ask me for a lemon again. The answer will always be no. 

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It's alright. I am thinking of taking a short hiatus due to people lately who kept asking me for a lemon.
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